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Remote Consults


A holistic health consult is for those who want a better understanding of their overall health, what their bloodwork and other results mean and what can be done about it in a more natural way.   We can help give a more functional understanding of what it all says about your current state of health and tie it to any symptoms you are suffering.  We can also recommend a nutritional supplement protocol to get you on the road to health.

These consultations involve a couple different options:

1.  Holistic Health Consult-  based on the Toxicity Questionnaire, Symptoms Survey Questionnaire, and Stress Assessment Questionnaire.

Download the forms and fill out the questionnaires.   

Return them to us via email with a description of your health goals.

We will review everything and set up a call or Google meeting to discuss our primary findings and supplement recommendations to help address some of the most pressing health concerns.

2.   Holistic Blood Test AnalysisEmail us your blood work- CBC, Chem panel, Vitamin D, and Thyroid panel.  

We will review and schedule a call or Google meet to discuss your primary findings and supplement recommendations.


Our approach is simple: look at the tests from a functional perspective to understand what systems need additional support.  We then make nutritional supplement recommendations to rebuild and support those systems. 

We are not here to diagnose or cure any medical conditions, that's not our job or our scope.

But we can help you make sense of what these tests are saying about your overall health and develop a plan to establish better function,



Holistic health analysis: $175

Holistic blood test analysis: $250  

Comprehensive analysis- $350. Initial call 45 min

Follow up calls $100*

*Calls average 20 minutes.

Does not include the cost of supplements.

Please email us to arrange payment prior to sending any information and /or choosing any remote options.


Supplement recommendations will be provided via Fullscript.  






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