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For those people who do not live in the Seattle area, we offer remote consultations. 

These consultations involve a couple different options:



1. Functional Nutrition Consult-  based on the Toxicity Questionnaire, Symptoms Survey Questionnaire, and Stress Assessment Questionnaire.

Download the forms and fill out the questionnaires.   

Return them to us via email.

We will review and provide a report of our primary findings and supplement recommendations to help address some of the most pressing health concerns.

This option is best for someone who is suffering from health issues and doesn't really know where to start.  The questionnaires above help provide information about the  health of your bodies major systems.  Dysfunction in those systems may be contributing to the health issues you are suffering.  


2.  Functional Blood Test Analysis- understand a more functional interpretation of your annual blood work and get supplement recommendations to support better health.

Upload and email us your blood work- CBC, Chem panel, Vitamin D, and Thyroid panel.  

We will review and provide a report of our primary findings and supplement recommendations to address the primary dysfunctional systems.


Our approach is simple: look at the tests from a functional perspective to understand what systems need additional support.  We then make nutritional supplement recommendations to rebuild and support those systems. 

This option is best for the person who wants to continue to stay healthy and be proactive about their overall health and well-being.

We are not here to diagnose or cure any medical conditions, that's not our job or our scope.

But we can help you make sense of what these tests are telling you about your overall health and develop a plan to establish better function,

Remote consultation report:  $100/report

Does not include the cost of supplements.

Please email us to arrange payment prior to sending any information and /or choosing any remote options.

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