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Shifting Health Care: A Functional Systems Approach

Sources attribute up to 70-90% of all known disease to stress.1

Healthcare today is about treating symptoms, often with drugs that carry significant side effects. 

Our research has shown that chronic stress causes dysfunction in your nervous system (via fight or flight) and your physiology via hormones and biochemical changes.  When those stressors persist, opur bodies cannot function optimally and we experience symptoms.

A combination of nutrition, exercise, and chiropractic spinal adjustments improve the function of all our human systems and thus restores health and allows for continued improvement. 

It's not symptom care; it's optimizing function.

Our approach is simple:

1. improve the neurologic response to stress

2. Support the systems of the body so that they can function optimally again

3. Maintain and enhance that function over your lifetime...because you are going to continue to have stressors in your life.  

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