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A chiropractors guide to the Universe 4

Lesson 4- "It's not just knowing something to be true, you have to believe."

Fundamental Edict:

"Everyone needs chiropractic care. Not everyone needs YOUR chiropractic care."


Lesson 3: "You will manifest your clear intention"


The power of saying No

Creating a paradigm shift is easy in concept but not so easy in action.

Our new model of wellbeing was to create a system by which we measured peoples stress response and determined how to reverse those effects and support the bodies natural healing systems.

That meant that we were no longer seeing patients with simple back pain.

No more car accident cases.

No more injuries.

Just people who were looking for a better way to improve their health and wellbeing.

Our consultations changed dramatically.

We always started our visits with a complimentary consult.

This was to ensure that both parties were clear about being the right fit and managing expectations.

Now it was more of a screening process.

We tried to explain what the model was, how long it would take, and the total investment required in their own health.

Most people didn't get it.

So, we said no to a lot of people.

In a story, that seems like a simple and powerful thing, right?

But in real life? No. It's not.

We still had a business to run, bills to pay, payroll for employees.

In it's most crude form, the people we were saying no to was money we were turning our backs on.

We were tested over and over on our faith and commitment that this was the right path.

We said no for almost six months!

We referred everyone to another doctor that could help them.

We doubted.

We feared.

We almost gave up.

There were many times where we almost took a new patient because , frankly, we needed the money. I almost caved in. But somehow we held strong.


An internal struggle

I feel like life comes at you with events so that you can get clarity about who you really are.

Deep down inside we have this ideal version of ourselves but we are constantly adjusting.

Maybe to fit in or be liked.

Maybe to justify behavior we know is not in alignment with who we are but logically makes more sense.

The negative thoughts that kept rattling in my head were things like:

"What are you thinking? This is not going to work!"

"What about your family?

"How are you going to take care of them?"

"You are putting everyone in jeopardy because of your ego."

"You are not good enough!"

There were so many negative thoughts that went through my head about how I wasn't doing the right thing. That it was all a pipe dream and I was sacrificing the welfare of my family and employees.

I had to really dig deep.

I had to feel the fear and be terrified.

And then I had to lean on the lessons.


Trusting lessons 1-3

Lesson 1: "You cannot be all things to all people"
Lesson 2: "Trust the power of We"
Lesson 3: "You will manifest your clear intentions"

I had to put all my faith in the first three lessons.

I had to BELIEVE that I cannot be all things to all people.

I had to TRUST in the power of We!

I had to have FAITH that I would manifest my clear intentions!

I knew that these lessons were true but I had to completely believe...

Lesson 4: "It's not just knowing something to be true, you have to believe"


And then it happened.

Finally we had our first patient.

Finally, someone got it. They totally understood what we were talking about and was on board.

That first persons enthusiasm and their dramatic change helped us to understand that all of the research and all of our work was legitimate.

We were able to make a dramatic change in their health and wellbeing with simple lifestyle changes; a combination of chiropractic care, exercise, adjustments in diet and nutritional supplements.

And that led to more people "getting it" and it grew and grew and just continued to grow.

We helped people get their lives back, get their chronic conditions under control, and get back to what they loved doing.

But most importantly, we were able to help people understand what was happening to them and that they had the power to make things better.

All it took was believing! 😉 😉

To be continued...

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