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A visit to left field

Wanting to make everyone happy indicates- Low Self Esteem- which impacts your pancreas= issues with digestion, sugar handling, energy production, and hormones.

The outfield

I like to think of my perspective in healthcare as the outfield in baseball.

Right field- the science and "proven" knowledge

Center field- a little more esoteric with insights on things that may not be "scientifically" proven with randomized, controlled studies.

Left field- totally esoteric. Where we trust intuition and knowledge from the ether. AKA the play space. ;-)

So in left field we see the desire to make everyone happy as a place of wanting to be liked because we have low self esteem and believe, rather stupidly, that we are not good enough.

I am very familiar with this space because I was a long standing resident of it for many years.

The only difference with me was when things went wrong, I would lose it and become violent.

As a young man, I was an altercation machine.

I got into a lot of fights.

I was in your face and toe to toe if I felt in any way that you were disrespecting me.

Strange how sometimes our response to things seems like one of confidence but actually, I learned that the angriest guy in the room is also the most insecure.


Right field

The Basics

The pancreas is a very interesting and important organ.

  • It serves to support digestion by secreting bicarbonate and digestive enzymes.

  • It supports sugar handling by secreting insulin.

  • It helps play a key role in energy production by secreting glucagon which tells the liver to break down fat stores for more energy.

  • It helps control stomach emptying and appetite via a hormone called Amylin.

  • It also produces somatostatin- a hormone that prevents the unnatural replication of cells like, in tumors. Whoa.


Digestion without the pancreas is NO DIGESTION

When we eat food we need to chew food.

Yes, I know that there are many of you who think chewing is optional but let me convince of its importance.

When we chew food:

  • Saliva starts the digestive process via enzymes in our mouth called amylase.

  • Special proteins in our saliva "tag" the food we are eating and mark them as carbohydrate, protein or fat. This helps your body properly digest the food particles when they enter your intestines later on.

  • The manual chewing of food breaks it down into digestible bits called a bolus.

All this makes it much easier to properly destroy any pathogens that reside in our food, allow for maximum extraction of vitamins and minerals, and minimize inadequate digestion of food which can rot inside our gut. Yuck!

Now once the food enters the intestines from the stomach, the pancreas is responsible for excreting all the enzymes to digest all food groups- (remember the tagging from the saliva earlier?) Yup. Now the enzymes know which foods to attach to and break down.

Pretty cool, huh?

It also secretes bicarbonate because the food coming out of the stomach is way too acidic. If the pancreas does not do this, the acidity of the food bolus will burn the inside lining of the intestines. This is what we refer to as a duodenal ulcer.


Center Field

Okay, now you know the science, let's get back to the fun stuff.

My good friend Richard Berger, MA, LMFT breaks it down beautifully.

Basically our low self esteem is our feeling of not feeling worthy.

What are we not worthy of?

Giving and receiving love.

Mind blown.

Think about it. At our most core essence, our lack of self esteem boils down to that.


In Chinese Traditional medicine, the pancreas is related to low self esteem.

So, all the scientific functions of the pancreas now are impacted by this mental construct.


Left Field

Change your mind. Change your body.

What if we simply started the practice of repeating something simple as?,

"I am worthy of giving and receiving love."

And the forces of nature, science and who knows what else all conspire to heal your pancreas and all the associated dysfunctions and symptoms that we experience.

Ask yourself,

What does the energy of self love and worth FEEL like?

Then allow yourself to feel that. Even if you don't quite believe it right now.

It's just a fantasy.

"I am worthy of giving and receiving love."

Someone says something negative about you or criticizes you...

"I am worthy of giving and receiving love."

You get fired.

Your significant other breaks up with you.

"I am worthy of giving and receiving love."

Crazy stuff?


But what do you have to lose?

We're just playing in left field anyway. ;-)

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