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the power of connection

There's nothing like pictures of a classic '73 Porsche Carrera or in this case a Porsche Carrel to get your attention and continue reading. I know, it's like click bait but it will be worth it.

I have been exploring connection via creative endeavors.

By now you guys realize that one of those endeavors is writing.

The other one is photography.

Without getting into all the history- that is the subject of another post- I have been getting back into photography.

My intention was to just get back into creative mode.

I feel that we as humans are constantly trying to create so when we are not creating, we struggle.

Anyway, I landed with street photography.

So far, I have learned that photography (for me) allows me to connect with the subjects, the environment through the lens. It's hard to describe but there is definitely an energetic connection happening. And the image I capture is that connection which happens in that unique moment. Click!

That's how I met Carrel.

I was walking through Barnes and Nobles and noticed his hat. I took this shot.

Now if you know anything about street photography, most pictures are taken on the fly and then you move on.

Well, I was at a bookstore.

I guess I could have taken it and run but he was an interested guys so we started to chat.

He told me that his hat was decades old and if I liked old things like that, then I would love his classic Porsche in the parking lot.

Classic Porsche?!


I immediately went out to the parking lot.

I shot the pictures of the '73 Porsche 911 that you see at the beginning of our post.

As you can see, it's not a museum car. It's not sitting in a heated garage with a battery charger.

It is a daily driver.

He has over 350,000 miles on it and he takes it out to run errands and take his dogs for a walk. He refers to his dogs as his "security system" even though I never heard them make a single sound the entire time I was out there. ;-)

I asked him if he "opens it often?"

(For those of you non-porsche enthusiasts, you have to either redline the care from time to time or drive at high speeds for at least 30 minutes on the highway in order to clean out the exhaust system. Yup, it's written in the manual). Basically, drive a Porsche like you want to kill it and it will last forever.

He told me, "it only doesn't hit triple digits when the weather is too dicey."

What a guy.

Turns out Carrel is a classic car buff and he had plans to race his vintage Bentley in the Maryhill Loops Hill Climb Race in Goldendale, WA.

Where in the world is Goldendale, WA?

He gave me a look that said, "where have you been living all this time?"

Then he smiled and gave me a brief history lesson on a couple old school guys who bought a large chunk of land and eventually donated it to facilitate this race.

We chatted some more until his wife came out and they were ready to take the "security system" out for a stroll.

There are many ways to connect with people. We do it in the grocery line or at dinner parties. But maybe the random connection with a camera as the middle man facilitates something that doesn't naturally come out in people in a more controlled environment.

I'm not sure.

What I do know is I had a great time with Carrel and his stories.

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the race. I went to see my son in Oregon instead.

Maybe next year Carrel.

Until then, keep standing on it.

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