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Update: Winter Exercise Motivation

The winter walk/run continues.

To be honest, I cannot believe I am still going at it. I don't mean exercise in general because I have always been someone who likes to exercise but the outdoor walking and running is such a departure from my norm, it's still a surprise to me.

I'm kinda digging it.

During the summer I would walk with my wife and we did a couple miles at an average pace of about 23 minutes per mile.

When I walked with my teenage daughter, after having dragged her out of the house, our average pace is 19 minutes per mile.

When I walk alone I average 17 minutes per mile.


I started doing a HIIT (high intensity interval training) version of my walks. I have a pond close to my house that I use as a track. It is about 400m give or take. I "sprint" (more like jog) the straights and walk the turns.

The goal is to get your breathing and heart rate down during the turns to recover fully before you run the next straight. Intensity is about 70-90%.

I started at about 14minutes per mile.

Today, I finished at just under 12 minutes per mile! Woohoo!!

How long did it take?

A month.

How often am I doing it?

About 3 times a week.

What's keeping me motivated?

Same answer. My baby girl.

Remember YOUR why?


Training like this, at my age, is not without its consequences. I get some stiffness and ache in my ankles and knees; muscles get tight and sore. So I have created a pretty comprehensive stretching program that I use before and after each walk/run. It definitely helps.


Here it is if you are interested:

Chiropractic Care

I hope it makes you happy to know that I practice what I preach by getting regular chiropractic care. I try to see my friend Dr. Ed Owens , at Chiropractic of Bellevue, about every 2 weeks. He is a great doctor and I often refer patients to him. He has saved me often from my ridiculous escapades of aikido, basketball, skiing, baseball injuries from my son, and most importantly as part of my regular healthcare regimen. I seriously have no idea how people live without chiropractic care.

What's next?

I want to keep doing this and see if I can make it to a 10 minute mile...consistently. What will it mean to me? Nothing. It's an arbitrary goal but it will be fun to see if I can make it.

The big test for me will be to hike a semi challenging hike. If I can get through it without having any knee issues, I will feel good about the progress I made and be willing to get back to the slopes and try downhill skiing again. (knee injury a couple years ago, took me out). Fingers crossed.


I hated running. If I had no other option, I would run on a treadmill, in a hotel gym...but it would be with protest.

The lesson I have realized is that it really is never too late.

You can decide to change.

Find your internal motivation.

Be consistent in something you used to HATE!

And turn it into something you actually may enjoy.

I sincerely hope that y'all are trying to follow me and staying motivated; trying to do the best you can with the health that you have. No matter where you are in your health care journey, take that first just may be surprised where it leads.

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