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May- You are blossoming. Time to lean into your creativity.

Many of you have completed detox for the spring. (If you haven't, fear not because you can start at any time. You can read more below).

Now what?

Did you take what you learned from detox and change some of the lifestyle habits that may have been causing you some issues?

Or did you get right back to your old habits with an attitude of "I cleaned my system so now I can go back to the business of screwing it up again!"

No judgment.

But that is what happens to a lot of us, isn't it?

We "learn" something or experience something that is powerful and we don't integrate that learning into the new version of who we are. We just go on with life the way we always have but just a little smarter. At least on paper.

But are we any wiser?

I feel like wisdom comes from learning a thing, trying a thing, failing at the thing, multiple times, and then realizing the truth of a thing- namely ourselves. ( I know, that was pretty heavy). But you guys have come a long way so I feel I can be heavier with you. ;-p

When we cleanse our minds and bodies, we get a new opportunity.

An opportunity to be creative- to create. You get to create a whole new YOU.

You just got rid of useless baggage, so this is a great time!

But it's also intimidating.

Where do we start?

Working backwards

I like the strategy of working backwards.

Ever notice that mazes are much simpler when you start from the finish and work your way back to the start? That's what we are going to do with our selves.

What does the next version of you look like?

First, literally what do you look like?

Second, how to you present yourself to the world?

Is it as true a representation of the real you as you can get it?

(I know, pretty scary huh?)

Not so many masks.

No trying to fit in.

Just you.

Once you have that picture of yourself, it's actually not that difficult to start working your way back to understand a strategy for where to start.

Start with something simple like- One habit I am going to eliminate or add.

Example: "I am going to eliminate eating dessert daily" or "I am going to be on time/ early to everything." (Yes, being on time or early is a conscious decision. Sorry, the universe is not conspiring against you. Deal with it!)

Next, determine what action step you need to take to maximize success. Like take a walk after dinner or planning on getting somewhere an hour early and have something to occupy your time while you wait.

And then just keep working back until you get to the present. Voila! you have a plan.

If you have current practices that you love and align with, then keep those.

Just add.

You will find that as you keep adding the practices that align with the new you, the less you will do of the old habits..

Why is creativity so hard for adults but natural for kids?

When we were little, everything was creative.

We drew, painted, imagined being a superhero, had made up adventures in the woods. But somewhere along the line, we became logical. And logic became the all important metric for our "success."

Bye bye creativity.

That which was so natural to us, now is something we have to "tap into" or need inspiration for. But the reality is that it never left. It's just a muscle we have not been building as much.

So start building it!

If you haven't noticed, that's really all I am doing by writing these blogs.

I am exercising my creative muscle.

I don't plan all this out like I would a college essay. I just sit down and allow stuff to download and I start typing away. It wasn't always like that.

I used to think a lot about what would be interesting for people or what would I would get praise for or the most "likes."

But now I write for me and my kids.

I hope some day they will read all my stuff and appreciate that their dad knew a thing or two. I know, it's a big dream. LOL.

But seriously, creativity is simple.

Give it a shot.

I think you will be amazed how much easier it makes the rest of the things in your life.


I missed Detox time! Do I have to wait for next year?


My wife said something to me in March that I hadn't thought about. She said that I should remind people to do detox every month.

(So here is your reminder).

Because, once I stop talking about it, people feel like they missed the boat and have to wait until next year.

Sorry about that.

You can actually start anytime.

You have a couple options:

This month I learned from some friends that the 10 day Detox balance is pretty good.

So if you want to do the "lighter" version of detox, this is a good option.

For those of you who want the original 21-day purification program, even better!

You can order direct with the links above.

You're gonna love how you feel.


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