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If you are in the greater Seattle area and would like to come to our office as a patient, please note that we accept patients by referral from existing patients only.  We make our decision for accepting new patients based on whether or not we are a good fit for each other.

If you are suffering from back or neck pain and looking for fast relief, we are NOT the office for you.

Our mission is to help people change their lifestyles to be healthier and better adapted to handle whatever challenges they experience in life.

Our approach takes time.  Building meaningful relationships take time.

We like to schedule people for the next six months, not the next 6 visits.

If you are looking for a long term partner in your health care, perhaps we are the right place for you.  

Chiropractic       Functional Nutrition       Emotional



My doctorate is in chiropractic.

My post doc work has been dedicated to stress and how it effects the body.

My approach is to help people understand how the stressors in their lives create dysfunction in their bodies.

Those dysfunctions lead to the symptoms they suffer.   Simple.

Utilizing simple functional tests, muscle testing, and a comprehensive history we are able to help understand:

  • What is your bodies stress response 

  • How is that response creating dysfunction or "overload" in your body

  • What deficiencies and compensations has your body implemented to keep you going

  • Why those body responses are causing you to suffer


Then we help create a strategy to restore proper function and improve health and well-being.

I believe that "health" care is a relationship.   

As we build that relationship, it becomes clearer and easier to support you in all that you do.

 I also encourage regular consistent care to maximize the benefits you will gain from our care plans.

Our lives are constantly evolving. 

It makes sense to have a partner in your health care corner to evolve with you.



*disclaimer- these stories are shared by the people whom we have helped and supported. We do not diagnose or treat medical conditions or claim to do so.  It is also not a promise of results.  It's a shame we have to have this language at all but you know how the lawyers are.


Our hope is for you to understand you are not alone. There is nothing wrong with you and that others have similar issues that they have struggled with and may still be struggling.  But it's getting better. 



"We want(ed) a holistic approach to healthcare where diet, supplements, lifestyle and state of mind work in harmony to create healthy, thriving bodies and minds for our family."

"Positive and educational... continuously opened our eyes to how we can do things differently to get better results for our health.  For me personally, ...taught me ways to reduce external stresses in my life, which in turn has reduced the physical tension I felt from them..supported our family and our goal for a healthy, fulfilling life in many ways. By providing us with care that does not lead with fear (i.e. fear of terminal illness, fear of permanent damage, etc.) you have supported us to live better by eating, thinking, sleeping – just LIVING better." -FZ



"I had been suffering from hip pain and numbness in my foot for months. Imaging had shown a herniated disc. After physical therapy for months and an epidural steroid shot I was still in pain.

I had been a Chiropractor skeptic forever. My fear was that chiropractic treatment involved cracking bones and I am not comfortable with that... But I trusted my husbands friend and decided to go...(they were) very understanding of my fears and gave a very good understanding of the spine anatomy and explained how he thought he could help me..My experience has been amazing..I started getting a lot of relief from my pain and numbness...I am completely pain free at this point."- MY


"6 years ago in 2013,...I was going (through) a rough time in life and needed to find a more natural way of dealing with my anxiety and depression. I didn't want to be on medication my whole life and was looking for support to deal with these problems naturally. 

My experience...has been very positive. I always feel better after each treatment with you and my discussion about my mental health wellness. 

I think you have done a great job supporting my needs holistically. No complaints."- SC


"Years ago, 19 to be exact, I was referred by a coworker to Dr Kim for back pain. He worked his voodoo on me and I continued my care with him ever since. After all that time I’ve come to understand more and more about addressing the whole person – mind, body and spirit. That is what working with the O Institute has been for me.  He’s a chiropractor, kinesiologist, educator, therapist/advisor, nutrition support, and friend. I wholeheartedly recommend the O Institute for health and happiness in mind, body and spirit." -DF



A different paradigm in health-care


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