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Citrus Fruits

Your Digestive system

Your digestive system is designed to help you break down food into tiny pieces so that all the nutritional compounds can be extracted and absorbed for use in your body.  Digestion starts with your brain being ready to process the food and ends in the toilet.  Your nervous system has to be in the relaxed  (parasympathetic) state in order for proper digestion to occur, then you have to chew your food well so that saliva can "tag" your food for proper digestion.  Once digested, the vitamins,  minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats must be absorbed through your small intestines. The left over waste products are then stored in your intestines and eliminated.

Supporting your digestive system is essential to good health.  You are more than what you eat. You are what you digest and absorb.

Supplements to support digestion

These supplements are designed to support every stage of digestion; starting with the saliva in your mouth to the lining of your intestines.   In Phase One, we were able to support the gut microbiome with pro/prebiotics and the adrenal glands to help your nervous system better handle stress.   Now, we are supporting stomach acidity, pancreatic enzymes, fat digesting bile from your gallbladder, and ensuring that your intestinal lining is healthy and functioning at peak capacity.

Digestion is broken up into "upper" and "lower." 

Upper digestion is supported using Parotid PMG, Zypan, Mulltizyme and Betafood.  (complete all bottles before starting lower digestion)

Lower digestion is supported using Lactic Acid Yeast, Chlorophyll complex, and Okra Pepsin E3.

You may choose to continue using products like Zypan, Multizyme and Betafood as they tend to be great digestive aids.

Exercises to support your digestive system

These exercises are designed to optimize healthy digestive function. 

1.  Walking is the best exercise you can introduce for better digestion.  Take a 20 minute walk after meals to improve insulin function, ...

2.  Intestinal exercises are used to improve overall peristalsis- or the movement of food through your gut.  Try to do 300 cycles per day for improved gut movement and bowel emptying.

3.  Diaphragmatic breathing exercises can help switch the brain from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (relaxation).  Do these 3 times before you eat and sleep to help your nervous system support your digestive system.

Food to help digestion

These foods have been shown to improve digestive function. 

Adding these foods to your regular diet will have significant impact on improving your digestive system as well as preventing long term digestive systems related illness.