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Manifesting Your Best Life 101

Change happens because YOU  decide to change.

Once we make that decision we need some help; tools to support us on that journey.

Download the tools.  Commit to staying on track. 

Notice how you achieve your goals and manifest your best life.

Support Supplements- March 

March is the time of energy.

Energy in our bodies is made primarily from glucose.  Now, that doesn't mean that we should be eating a ton of sugar but foods like vegetables and fruits inevitably break down into glucose.  But then what does the body do?

Glucose goes through the "Kreb's cycle" and "Electron Transport Chain" (which I am sure all of you remember from high school health class) to make ATP= the fuel cell of the body.

Those processes require a few things- B-vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other cofactors.  

best way to get the necessary cofactors is to eat- A RAINBOW OF FOODS.  that's right COLOR is the key. 

Of course if you want to just take some supplements to help, here are some great options.

(click on image to purchase)


Some of you may want to connect and communicate the awesome changes that are happening or just look to share the challenges of working this program over the next 12 months.  I added this comment section in the hopes that we could create a small community of support. 

Rule #1 (the only rule)

Be Kind.  We are all working on our "stuff."  This is a place to share and feel heard NOT judged.

Comments (48)

Cracked a tooth. Ugh.

I don't usually have any issues with my teeth. In fact, I have not anything more than a regular cleaning for like 30 years. So, this was a shock and a wake up call.

I, like most people, tend to move through life as if some of the basic rules of life don' apply to them. Case in point, my teeth.

I tell my kids to make sure they take the tooth support supplement from Standard Process called Biodent. it has completely changed the oral health of my kids.

Since I have been doing so well overall all this time, I thought I was immune to having to take it. But I realize now that it goes against what I really believe and that is the idea of prevention. Most of the supplements I take are to prevent injury, or promote growth or improvement in a certain area. But I know how important oral health is and I have NOT been taking Biodent regularly. Well, that is all changed now.

After this cracked tooth (and finding out there is some bone loss in my teeth) I am going to take a bunch every day for 6 months, validate that my teeth are stronger than ever AND I can regrow bone. Then I will be religious about taking my preventative supplements daily!

I am committing to it!


I finally feel like I am recovering from the craziness of last week and the lack of sleep.

Getting older requires some more effort to keep everything moving along smoothly.

I was reminded last night that it is very important to not limit your own progress by speaking limiting beliefs or thoughts.

I was having dinner with a friend and said that I was not good at home repair things and he reminded me that speaking like that immediately limits your ability to grow and thrive. if I say that, then I will never be that.

Important lesson and so good to have close friends that remind you of such things and keep you honest.


Crazy week.

I missed posting almost the entire last week.

Had to take wife and kids to LA then I had to do a whirlwind trip to LA for my nephews wedding. It's so easy to get caught up in all the "stuff" and lose consistency in the simple things like posting a journal entry.

I was asked to give a toast at my nephews wedding.

It was an interesting experience because it made me reflect on how much spending time with friends and family matters in our lives. Although it was stressful to get there and back it was wonderful to be there and to connect with the people you love.

Time moves quickly.

There is no sense of tension.

Everything just flows.


I met someone this past month that I was very impressed with and felt that immediate pull to; the kind of person that you feel is part of your tribe. You ever get that?

I have learned to trust that pull so I reached out to that person to see if we could connect at a more personal rather than professional level.

Alas, they must not have felt that same pull.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed but at the same time I was completely okay with it.

It feels good to know that sometimes what you feel is not necessarily shared with anyone else. It will not change how I respond in the future.

I know sometimes it feels like a rejection and that may curb our desire to put ourselves out there again but I have learned that it just isn't true. Sometimes your tribe is much bigger than you think and the right people circle back into your life at the proper time.

Just have to trust.



I noticed that I complained a lot today. I don't like when I do that.

In fact, I have tried not to be that person as much as possible. Ugh.

I guess when I was young my mom used to say I complained a lot- she would say, "complain, complain, complain."

After all this time and the work I have put in, I still am complaining?!

In general, you are not supposed to put things you are NOT going to do on your manifesting list but I think I need to figure out a way to stop complaining. I used to do the be grateful model but I don't think that works for me because I ended up doing both; being grateful and complaining.

Have to commit to correcting this.


Default close.

Sometimes things come up and I realize that my first instinct is to close the door. I notice is a lot when it comes to my practice. I noticed that I have these unspoken rules in my head.

I won't do that.

I don't want to do that.

That is not what I am into or approve of.

And many more...

I realize that I had a bunch of these when it came to my work. My worry now is the better question of, "Am I actually thinking about the benefits of my patients or am I allowing my ego take something away?"

Recently I was in Vegas for a conference. It involved me walking A LOT. Averaging almost 15K steps daily. So my feet were sore.

By day 2, my feet were sore.

So I was walking in the exhibit hall and my buddy told me to try some orthotics.

I have no idea why I have had some reluctance to orthotics but I have. But I listened to him and tried them on and I immediately felt better. And since then I have been testing them out on every shoe I have that fits. And I am sold.

Most importantly, it has taught me an important lesson- I will strive to keep an open mind and thing of my patients first and how things may help them rather than just my idea of what is acceptable and not.


It's easy to get sucked into the world of work, eat, sleep, repeat.

So many times we forget that we are the ones who manifest the world that we want.

Today, I got news that a long time patient was pregnant.

We were all excited.

If you are ever in doubt about the power of our ability to manifest anything in our lives, think about this.

A woman can literally build a body out of bits and pieces of DNA with absolutely NO knowledge of how it's done. There is no special training needed. It all happens automatically.

It is literally a MIRACLE that happens every day.

What miracle would you like to create in your life?

Let's set the intention and manifest it!


After coming home from Vegas and my conference I realized I needed a couple days to recover. As I get older I am reminded that traveling can take its toll on your body. I tend to notice that I am more bloated and a little slow after travel. Not to mention how dry my skin gets when I am in the desert for a few days! Crazy.

My big take away from my conference trip this year?

I was reminded that life is short.

If you want to do something in your life, DO IT!

Don't wait.

You do not have as much time as you think to get it done.


Got back home last night.

Planned on doing some hiking today but ended up doing nothing at all.

I chalk it up to a recovery day. But I actually felt pretty good so that's not really true. ;-)

The fun part of today was siting around playing with my baby girl and watching them play with each other.

It's pretty amazing to see how much of the things on my list are already happening and how easy it is to stay focused if you just stay consistent with reading the list every day.

I am excited to see how much is manifested this year.


i have learned so much this week I am not sure where to begin.

Some things that stand out are the things that I have learned about myself.

  1. I have the ability to create fun anytime, anywhere

  2. I excel at coaching people in their personal performance and breaking through their limiting beliefs

I must embrace the things that I naturally do and seem to bring me happiness.

I will never give up my work with patients but maybe this is something I need to embrace?


Support Supplements- February 

February is heart health month.

Heart or Cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death in America.   Despite tons of education, the implementation of lowering cholesterol levels as a marker for statin drug initiation, and a variety of surgical interventions.   It's just plain crazy.

I have learned that there are one primary factor in cardiovascular health- sugar.

Sugar increases visceral body fat (fat around your organs)

Sugar makes blood vessels brittle.

Sugar depletes B vitamins- essential for proper nerve conduction for the heart.

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.

(click on image to purchase)

A valuable tool in preparing your mind and body for change, visualization, and creating new neural connections is breathing. In this video we demonstrate how to perform diaphragmatic breathing. This breath technique helps to shift your brain into parasympathetic mode (relaxation) and away from the fight or flight response of stress. Perform daily at least once a day, preferably before you start visualizing your Do. Have. Be. list.


Our wellbeing is more complex than just our physical world.  

Many things contribute to overall wellbeing- health, relationships, finances, work, to name a few. 

Even our self-image plays an important role.  

When we are “stuck” and want change in our lives, we are often confronted with where and how to start.  This system is a culmination of tools that I found to be effective AND easy to implement.

The toughest part is going to be trusting the system. 

Opportunities will show up in your life but because they don’t align with what you think should happen, you may not act on it.  If you trust the system, you will act on it regardless, and see miracles happen.