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Manifesting Your Best Life 101

Change happens because YOU  decide to change.

Once we make that decision we need some help; tools to support us on that journey.

Download the tools.  Commit to staying on track. 

Notice how you achieve your goals and manifest your best life.

Support Supplements- September


Some of you may want to connect and communicate the awesome changes that are happening or just look to share the challenges of working this program over the next 12 months.  I added this comment section in the hopes that we could create a small community of support. 

Rule #1 (the only rule)

Be Kind.  We are all working on our "stuff."  This is a place to share and feel heard NOT judged.

Comments (98)

one little glitch and I want to procrastinate.

How do I discern whether this is the universe telling me to be patient or challenging me to step up and push. I feel like I always do both but not sure I am doing either at the right time.

ugh. life. why must you challenge me? LOL


The O Institute
The O Institute
3 days ago

well, I continue to struggle with the landlord and lease issue and I have no idea what I am supposed to learn from this. I assume Lisa is right and there is a deeper reason why I am supposed to stay here for another year, but at this moment I cannot seem to understand it.

I will however make changes to my method of operations regarding how i deal with the business end of things. Sad but maybe my lesson is to make sure I am not always the one overgiving. Sometimes I need to be open to receiving.


The O Institute
The O Institute
14 de set.

Where have I been?

This whole thing with the landlord had me really bothered.

I wanted for money to be a spiritual growth thing and boy here it is.

Fuyck me


The O Institute
The O Institute
05 de set.

I think I found the right complex to move into. It's strange that I felt a little intimidated to be in an area that was surrounded by medical offices. There is still some sense of not being good enough or competition maybe. Even though I know that competition is not a thing and I also know that I am a very good clinician there still seems to be this deep sense of inadequacy that shows up and I havent even legitimied the space yet.

What does that say about my self worth deep inside?

What am I hiding?


The O Institute
The O Institute
31 de ago.

When things happen where I am feeling lost and overwhelmed, I initially default to trying to be strategic and tactical. Money starts to be an overriding factor in decision making. I try to "think' myself out of a situation.

But I need to remember its a faith test and the path is to lean into fousing on what I want to manifest.

intention- manifest.


The O Institute
The O Institute
28 de ago.

boy what a whirlwind this past week.

took son to college, got injured, trying to find a new space, and struggling with my identity and remote consults. Whew!

One step at a time.

Focus on manifesting.

Just get stuff done and don't worry about the rest.


The O Institute
The O Institute
22 de ago.

Im finally going to at least start the journey of trying remote consults.

I have some other things that I need to add and edit but if I wait for perfect, I will never start. It's time to step up.


The O Institute
The O Institute
17 de ago.

Worried about goiter. Seems like its getting bigger. Maybe a tumor?

I have to put energy in healing rather than fear of what it could or could not be.

This concept of living a healthier life; is it just longevity?

What are we really trying to achieve?

I know we always say a better life; more healthy;; but realistically what does that mean to people and do they get it?

What I have been doing to deal with this thing hasnt really been working.

I reached out for help today and will see what happens.

I have to lean into faith.


The O Institute
The O Institute
15 de ago.

I want to quit.

I want to just play around and not do anything.

At the same time I feel like I need to work hard at something.

I think what I really want is a team


The O Institute
The O Institute
14 de ago.

What is holding me back from the next evolution?


Everything needs to flow.

Have a natural rhythm.

Perhaps I am disconnected from that.

in fact, I am pretty sure that I am .


Support Supplements- August

Support Supplements- July

Support Supplements- June

Vitamin C and the importance of collagen.

As we move into summer, I think of time in the sun with the family.  As important as it is to get natural vitamin D, we have to remember to protect our skin with Vitamin C, the building block of collagen and ALL soft tissue.  That's right.

ALL SOFT TISSUE.  skin, intestinal lining, joint support, early bone tissue, blood vessels,


I like C-synergy. (Used to be called Collagen-C.

Its ingredients and possible health impact:

  • Rose Hips-high is ascorbic acid and lipid soluble antioxidants such as carotenoids and tocopherols. It has been traditionally used to support inflammation or oxidative stress.

  • Veal Bone PMG-provides nucleotides, peptides, and minerals from veal bone

  • Echinacea-immune support

  • Bovine adrenal-supporting adrenal health can support the immune system

  • Defatted wheat germ-common in Dr. Royal Lee’s formulas as its very nutrient dense. Wheat germ may have anti-aging effects. It is the highest known food source of spermidine which has shown longevity effects in studies Cellular Health and Aging - WholisticMatters

  • Buckwheat-another common Dr. Royal Lee traditional nutrient dense ingredient, buckwheat may support collagen synthesis and help reduce oxidative stress due its macro and micronutrient content.

  • Reishi and shiitake mushroom-anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, immune system support

Support Supplements- May

Some people are still detoxing during this month but May is a good time to work on your immune system for support of seasonal allergies.   Prebiotics are important as food for your probiotic bacteria; that means eating lots of fiber.   If you have been doing the detox program, you still have gastrofiber left over so it's a good idea to keep taking that to ensure plenty of prebiotic fiber.

Support Supplements- April  

April is the beginning of spring and that is liver energy. 

This is the time of cleansing and detoxification.  We usually try to do our annual 21-day purification program during this time of the year.

purification program

The 21-Day Purification Program is a complete program that is designed to support the five main organs of detoxification in your body:

  • liver

  • kidneys

  • intestines

  • lungs 

  • skin

It is designed to feed you while you are cleansing and not starve you.  

During the 3 weeks you will remove caffeine, dairy, sugar and alcohol.  

We recommend that you use a fourth week to re-introduce the foods you took out and see how you body responds.  You may find that you are okay with not having them in your life.

Support Supplements- March 

March is the time of energy.

Energy in our bodies is made primarily from glucose.  Now, that doesn't mean that we should be eating a ton of sugar but foods like vegetables and fruits inevitably break down into glucose.  But then what does the body do?

Glucose goes through the "Kreb's cycle" and "Electron Transport Chain" (which I am sure all of you remember from high school health class) to make ATP= the fuel cell of the body.

Those processes require a few things- B-vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other cofactors.  

best way to get the necessary cofactors is to eat- A RAINBOW OF FOODS.  that's right COLOR is the key. 

Of course if you want to just take some supplements to help, here are some great options.

(click on image to purchase)

Support Supplements- February 

February is heart health month.

Heart or Cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death in America.   Despite tons of education, the implementation of lowering cholesterol levels as a marker for statin drug initiation, and a variety of surgical interventions.   It's just plain crazy.

I have learned that there are one primary factor in cardiovascular health- sugar.

Sugar increases visceral body fat (fat around your organs)

Sugar makes blood vessels brittle.

Sugar depletes B vitamins- essential for proper nerve conduction for the heart.

Sugar. Sugar. Sugar.

(click on image to purchase)

A valuable tool in preparing your mind and body for change, visualization, and creating new neural connections is breathing. In this video we demonstrate how to perform diaphragmatic breathing. This breath technique helps to shift your brain into parasympathetic mode (relaxation) and away from the fight or flight response of stress. Perform daily at least once a day, preferably before you start visualizing your Do. Have. Be. list.


Our wellbeing is more complex than just our physical world.  

Many things contribute to overall wellbeing- health, relationships, finances, work, to name a few. 

Even our self-image plays an important role.  

When we are “stuck” and want change in our lives, we are often confronted with where and how to start.  This system is a culmination of tools that I found to be effective AND easy to implement.

The toughest part is going to be trusting the system. 

Opportunities will show up in your life but because they don’t align with what you think should happen, you may not act on it.  If you trust the system, you will act on it regardless, and see miracles happen.


Print the pages.
Invest in a journal for the year.
Invest in a pen you love. (There is a power to writing it long hand with pen to paper).


Follow the instructions in each section and complete.

Keep the “Wheel of Life” and “Do. Have. Be.” sections in a place you can see every day.

Write in your journal- note changes and record achievements.

Make it a priority!

Stay on track! 

Commit to participating EVERY day. 

It is a 30-minute investment of your time a day. 

Isn’t your BEST LIFE worth 30 minutes of your time?

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