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Your Nervous system

Your nervous system is designed to help you navigate life.  It takes in information from your environment both externally and internally and makes adjustments in order to help you survive or thrive in that environment.   Stressors in your environment cause your body to shift into survival mode and to utilize the sympathetic system (fight or flight).  The sympathetic nervous system stimulates a cascade of changes in your body, physically & hormonally, to help you survive this short term stressor. However, if the stressors are more chronic, then that can lead to dysfunction and exhaustion of the body; leading to ill health. 

Supplements to support your stress response system

These supplements are designed to support the foundational organs that handle your stress response; the endocrine system- glands in your body that make the hormones that control all the body functions that help keep you going in times of stress.   We also add supplements to support a healthy gut microbiome- the good bacteria in your body that supports everything from your immune system to your mood.  

A solid support of your stress response system is a critical first step in your Road to Health.

Week 1-2 Supplements 

The first phase of neurologic support focuses on rebuilding a healthy gut microbiome and restoring its proper balance.  We will also focus on providing support to the adrenal glands.  Your adrenal glands are the first responders for acute and chronic stress. It produces the primary hormones in your "fight or flight" response.  Prolonged stress will "overwork" the adrenals and lead to potential deficiencies in B-vitamins, essential minerals, and Vitamin C.  

Week 3-4 Supplements 

The second phase of neurologic support focuses on providing support to the stress response system or HPA (hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal) axis which is the key player in our bodies' hormonal response to stress.  These supplements as a whole support all the hormone glands involved in this HPA axis.  This ensures proper communication and cooperation of the entire HPA axis system.

Exercises to support your nervous system

These exercises are designed to establish a foundation in which your body can work from.   For a variety of reasons, our ability to process information from our environment may get a little "confused."  As a result, our sense of movement, balance and stability are challenged.  By incorporating these exercises, we clarify the information your brain receives and allow for a better response, resulting in less strain and compensation of your systems as a whole.

Week One Exercise

Week Two Exercise

Week Three Exercise

Brain food

These foods have been shown to improve brain function as well as brain health.  

Adding these foods to your regular diet will have significant impact on improving your nervous system as well as preventing long term brain related illness.

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