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A Chiropractor's guide to the Universe, 10

Lesson 10: "An abundance mindset"

Fundamental Edict:

"Everyone needs chiropractic care. Not everyone needs YOUR chiropractic care."


Lesson 9: "The Art of Holding Space."

A western education creates a scarcity mindset

In school we are pitted against each other, especially when graded on a curve. The highest scoring student sets the curve and everyone else is graded on that basis.

As an example, if a student gets 90% on a test, that is now the new 100% and everyone else is graded based on this new metric.

Assignments and projects are usually graded individually and compared to other students.

Rarely are projects done as a team effort. And when they are, there is almost no guidance or education on actual teamwork and communication to enhance a persons teamwork skills... and it is a skill.

Although competition can be a positive quality, it must be aligned with an understanding that the universe isn't one of "someone wins and someone else loses," it is a universe of abundance and is ever expanding.


The pie model of scarcity

Imagine having a delicious pie.

There is enough for everyone to have a slice.

But at the end, there is one piece of pie left over.

Now we all covet the last piece and fight over who gets it.

This is the scarcity mindset.

There is only so much pie and if you get some, someone else has to miss out.

And that's how many think about wealth and happiness.

There is a finite amount so we better get ours before there is no more.


Happiness as a state of mind

Studies show that money provides a certain level of happiness.

In fact, there is a specific number- $70,000/year is about the top number before money really no longer contributes to our happiness. (Yes, I know it's still a big number especially for third world countries).

What does that money buy that provides happiness?

It provides safety and security. Shelter, basic essentials of food, clothing, etc.

So, if after that, money no longer contributes to happiness, what does happiness really mean?

Well, happiness is a mindset.

A mindset that the world is a place of abundance and I am never in a place of scarcity.

Try it.

If you start thinking about only the good things that have happened to you, the wonderful people you know, the opportunities you have, etc.

How do you feel?


What does the extra money provide?


Now pleasure is not the same thing as happiness because pleasure is usually short lived; a concept known as hedonic adaptation.

Remember the feeling when you get a new article of clothing or a new car?

It makes you feel so good.

But does it last?


After a few weeks or months, you are back to baseline and seeking the next pleasurable experience.

The good news about hedonic adaptation is that it also works for negative things.

So, when something bad happens to you, it will also only last a short time before you are back to baseline.

I am not proposing that we stop seeking pleasure.

I am simply clarifying that pleasure and happiness are not the same thing and many people get them confused.

Many pursue pleasure as a roadmap towards happiness.

Or worse, they confuse pleasure AS happiness and feel that happiness is fleeting so they ride the roller coaster of pleasure.

Happiness is a mindset.

Try to focus on the elements of your self and life that are positive and that you are grateful for.


Gratitude as a happiness roadmap

Gratitude is defined-
"the quality of being thankful."

Studies show a significant improvement in both mental and physical health and wellbeing by simply being grateful.

In fact, one study shows that people writing three (3) things they are grateful for on a daily basis worked better than therapy and anti-depressants, COMBINED.

"To be in a state of gratitude is to be thankful and hence, a state of happiness. "

Practice it.

Get yourself a gratitude "journal" (basically a notebook) where you can write 3 things you are grateful for every day. Try it for just 21 days and see how things change.

Personally, I recommend you dedicate a year to this practice.

Call it your "Year of Gratitude."

I find that a year helps to start establishing gratitude as your default mindset.

That means your default mindset becomes one of happiness!

See how I brought that all back full circle!? ;-)


Happiness and Abundance

Physics tells us that like attracts like.

Happiness= "positive" feeling. Unhappy= "negative"

Abundance= "positive" Scarcity= "negative"

When you are in a state of gratitude, you are more easily in a state of abundance and that is what you will attract more of.

If you fall into the trap of scarcity and lack of gratitude, you will attract more of that.

The fundamental question you have to ask yourself is what do you want more of?


What do you currently focus on?

Answer wisely and truthfully and you will see how you have been living your life and what you have been attracting.

Now you have a simple tool to change all that.

I hope you choose an abundance mindset.



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