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A chiropractors guide to the universe, 11

Lesson 11: "We determine good or bad"

Fundamental Edict:

"Everyone needs chiropractic care. Not everyone needs YOUR chiropractic care."


Lesson 10: "An abundance mindset."

Events in your life are neutral

Your life's events will make you happy or unhappy.

I am not sure when we learn this correlation but it's ingrained in us at a young age and we live with this perspective for a long time.

Sometimes, until the day we die.

It's unfortunate.

Maybe it's taught to us via the reward vs. punishment model? (Carrot or stick).

Or maybe we see it modeled in our parents' behavior.

For example, when they get "good" news, they are happy and when they get "bad" news, they are sad.

Wherever it comes from, we have to unlearn it and teach ourselves that events in our lives are neutral.

It is our labelling or judgement of those events that makes them positive or negative.


It doesn't rain to piss you off

Weather is a great example of life's neutrality.

Some people love sunshine and hate the rain.

In fact, some people hate rain so much that it pisses them off.

They act as if the weather gods have purposely made it rain just to make them angry and ruin their day.

News flash- The weather just does what it does and you are not the reason for any of it.

Now if you take a step back and think about it, it seems a little ridiculous.

Why allow something like the weather get you upset?

We want to be able to control our environment so when things happen that are out of our control, then we judge it as bad and respond accordingly.

It is the assigning of "negative" or "bad" to the weather that makes us upset.

What would happen if we didn't judge it either way; neither negative or positive?

Then we could accept it just for being what it is- rain.

Now apply that concept to people, places, events in our lives.

They just are who they are.

Can you accept them simply from that perspective?

Sometimes when you can see people, places, and events simply as they are, you can make much better choices about how to or if you wish to interact.

You get to decide whether it aligns with who you are and what your purpose is.

And maybe, you can appreciate them in a way that you never noticed before because you are no longer trying to manipulate things to your ideals.

Rather, you are seeing them as they really are.


Judgment is the problem

Again judgment happens because we have preconceived ideas about how we want thing to look, act, be, etc.

And those preconceived ideas is what causes us to judge something as being good or bad. People and events are not inherently good or bad in our lives,

'We determine good or bad"

via judgement.

Take some time to zoom out.

Take a look at the situation or person from a very zoomed out perspective.

Notice how your judgement comes into the picture.

Notice how your preconceived ideas and desires clouds the reality of what is happening vs. what you want to happen.

Can you begin to accept things as they are and not judge them against what you think they should be like?


Young and Angry

As a young man I was always angry.

Looking back, I realize I was angry because I was frustrated.

I wanted things to go a certain way.

I wanted people to behave a certain way.

I was angry at myself when I did something "wrong."

I was angry with myself when I didn't do something I thought I "should" have done.

Man, I was just pissed. All.The.Time.

How did I ever get out of it? ;-)

I finally realized that I was angry because I had a judgment about things based on what I thought was perfect.

And when things didn't turn out that way, I was frustrated and that frustration manifested as anger.

Where did this idea of perfection come from?

I have no idea.

Maybe it was my immigrant parents demands.

Maybe it was television.

Wherever it came from , I bought into it. Hook. Line. And Sinker.

But one day, I had a conversation with Lucy.

And Lucy said to me, "Thomas, you don't believe you are perfect."

To which I replied, "Of course not! Nobody is."

Her response?

"Yes, of course you are. You were born that way. Everything is exactly as it should be."

I, of course, just sort of smiled and let it go.

It would be a couple years before one morning, I would suddenly realize the truth of what Lucy had told me.

We are all perfect.

Life doesn't happen TO us.

Life happens FOR our benefit and growth.

We can choose to judge it as being bad and rage against it


We can choose to see the perfection in things and live our lives with curiosity and happiness.

I recommend the latter.

To be continued...

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