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Getting back to Gratitude, again.

You have put in a lot of work this year.

Let's take an inventory and practice gratitude for what we have received.

As a recap: we started the year with a visual of what we wanted to grow, our garden. Slowly we progressed into "pulling the weeds" of our survival brain and replacing them with nurturing practices to help our life garden thrive. We kept pushing and cleansing our headspace to align with the vision of our garden; letting go of the past. And then we tapped into creativity. Now we can look at the state of our life garden and ask,

"How has my life changed?"

"What is different?"

"What have I manifested?"

Harvest those changes like crops in your garden and take a pause to be grateful for what you have received. Also, take a moment to acknowledge all the hard work you have put in thus far.

It's been a journey.

And we are only half way there!

Being my Self is challenging

Sometimes the toughest thing we face is just being ourselves.

Think of how many times you act differently with various groups of people.

I personally have to wear many "hats." I am doctor by day and that has a certain persona. I am husband and father by night. (Much more of a clown in this situation). And at other times I am a mentor and friend.

With each persona I have the opportunity to be my genuine self, or I can choose to play the role of what I think that persona SHOULD act like. I am sure many of you have fallen into this trap. So have I.

It's lame.

It's exhausting.

I just refuse to do it anymore.

What is the worst thing that can happen?

People decide I am not the person they want to be around?

I guess that is a good thing, right?

I know it's tough, but invest time and energy into being yourself in all scenarios.

Trust me, it makes your life much simpler and in the long run you end up with really good people around you.


Website Change

Recently, we made some changes to our website.

I wanted it to be more of a resource than just an information station about our work.

If you have a moment, please take a look and provide some feedback.

I would really like to know your guys' thoughts.

Tell me if this model is a better way of helping more people. I can't see that many people in the office but I thought this way we would be able to do more.

Is there some condition or support you would like to know about that I should add to the website?

Is this more of a resource you could recommend to others?

Is it too much about supplements and not enough about physical health?

I value your opinions most so any feedback is greatly appreciated. ;-)


Detox reminder!

Okay, here is this months reminder that you can start your detox journey at anytime!

Some people have been really enjoying the SP detox balance shakes.

The comments I am getting:

  • it's easy

  • compared to the full blown detox its more manageable for a life with travel and events on the calendar

  • simple to travel with, as its only a powder

  • can add to the morning shakes I already make

Here is a link to the store:

SP detox balance 10-day:

Or you can opt for the traditional, more challenging version 21-day purification program:

Enjoy the sun!

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