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Image by National Cancer Institute
Citrus Fruits

Your Replication system

Replication and repair is about making better copies your cells and maximizing your mitochondria. The mitochondria are small organelles in your cells that are known as the "powerhouse" of the body.  The more mitochondria you have and the healthier they are, the healthier YOU are.  Unlike you cells, mitochondria reproduce via mitosis, meaning that they simply split in half.  Need more energy, your mitochondria can double their numbers simply by dividing in half.  The catch?  You have to have the right support in order to fuel the new mitochondria.  You also need all the right nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits to ensure optimal cell replication.  An optimal replication system means greater vitality and wellbeing for a healthy, long life.

Supplements to support detoxification

The supplements we use to enhance cell repair incorporate RNA support, anti-oxidants, proper minerals, vitamins and cofactors to ensure optimal mitochondrial function and DNA replication.   This portion is also designed to maximize the utilization of sugars in your diet to be used for energy.

Cellular vitality, OPC synergy, Ribonucleic acid, zinc chelate/chezyn diaplex, cataplex gtf

Exercises to support your replication system

Fortunately, the exercises you have been incorporating into your lifestyle over the last 3 months continue to support not only the other systems but facilitate optimal cell replication and mitochondrial function. We want you to use exercise as a driver to stimulate your body to increase the total mitochondria in the cell. This increase is not only useful for the current generation of cells but will transfer to every new cell you make.  Contrast baths, HIIT, and meditation are key exercises to maximize your replication system.

Food to help mitochondria and cell replication

Think of colors.  

Eat a rainbow of colors with every meal.  The average person eats about 2-3 colors in their diet; white, brown and yellow.   The most frequently missed colors- purple & blue.  

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