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A Chiropractors guide to the Universe, 6

Lesson 6- "Act from a place of abundance"

Fundamental Edict:

"Everyone needs chiropractic care. Not everyone needs YOUR chiropractic care."


Lesson 5: "You do the healing"

The initial consult

We were in our new space and getting calls about new patient appointment availability.

Our initial consults had always been about what chiropractic care was and what the prospective patient was looking for. The gist of the consult was to decide whether or not we could help that person and manage expectations about how long it would take and what was involved.

The main part of it, I guess, was an "expert"- to- patient relationship.

I was the so called expert and they were the patient who was going to come in and receive some sort of care and they would get better.


But the new model was not about that. It was a program of care that required us to be a team working together to get the best results.

So, suddenly it changed where I was doing more of the talking, trying to explain what we were all about, our research and our radical approach.

Man, it was not easy; lots and lots of talking.

When you are trying to explain something that is new and paradigm shifting (remember this was over 10 years ago), you get into this mode where you feel like you have to talk more.

It's almost as much self validation as it is explaining to another. If that makes sense.

I would sit with a new potential patient and explain to them...


Too much talking

1. How our research on stress explained the pathways of health issues.

2. How our program supported the major systems in the body and reversed the effects of stress that lead to health issues in the first place.

3. Why it would take at least 4 months - normal replenishing of red blood cells takes 120 days.

4. How they would have to be an active component in this recovery and remodeling process.

5. How every cell in their body (minus some nerve cells) is renewed in about 2 years.

A whole new you in 2 years. Crazy.

And then I would watch their eyes glass over and be totally lost.

What was this guy talking about?

Inevitably, it led to them telling me how they just had simple back pain or neck pain complaints and I was put in a position to make a choice.


Lesson 6

"Act from a place of abundance."

When put in a position where you have to make a choice, it's easy to get into a headspace of "lack" or "not enough."

Maybe its our genetic survival mechanism that puts us in that mindset but a state of abundance is not our default.

"Fake it 'til you make it"

When I was put in the position of making a decision during consult time, I had to work to shift my mindset to one of abundance; a place of being able to turn away "customers" because there were plenty more that were the right fit for us.

Was there really an overabundance of customers?

Of course not.

But in order to stay consistent with my faith in the model, I had to pretend that there were so that I could say no and refer these people to the "right" person to help them.

Since I was not the right person for them. AKA- "fake it."

It was like being a kid and playing make believe.

Visualizing a practice that was full of people who understood and was on board and a team fully investing in making it happen.

You have to ask yourself, "How would I behave if things were exactly the way I wanted them?"

My answer was that I would refer people who just needed simple chiropractic care to someone better suited. It allowed me to help them and still leave open space for people who were going to be a partner in our methods.

Yes, that's scary when there is just a whole bunch of space available because no one gets it but thats the power of mental training. Just pretend and act accordingly.

Only by training to be in a mindset of abundance can you have the intestinal fortitude to say no, to stay true to your vision, to stay true to yourself.

To be continued...

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