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Anxious about detox

As I prepare to start our 21-day purification program, I take inventory of how I am feeling about it.

It's strange to feel nervous about starting something that you have been looking forward to. I guess it's true that we get used to something. Our habits become our norm and things that are outside our norm tend to make us uncomfortable even if you have experienced them before.

I kinda feel the way I do before I go on a trip or before I give a talk. A sort of nervous excitement. I know that once I wake up tomorrow morning and take my first set of supplements, I will be fine and the days will simply blend into one another with each one getting progressively better.

But still this feeling exists.


Detox of the body and the mind

I have discovered over the years that we all have what I refer to as a primary stress mechanism.

What that means is that we process stress via a default emotion.

Mine is frustration.

Frustrated people tend to be perfectionists.

We want things to be a certain way, at a certain time When it doesn't turn out like that, we get frustrated.

Frustration is an emotion related to the liver and gallbladder.

Hence, people who default to frustration, tend to have more issues with their liver/gallbladder.

Get it?

When we detox, we are providing a lot of support for the liver, a major detoxification organ. Sometimes, detox allows certain things to "bubble up" to the surface of our awareness.

In the case of people like me, perhaps some frustrations may show up. Things I have been struggling with or maybe just an opportunity for me to inspect how my current perspective is creating frustration. How my constant desire for perfection gets in the way of my gratitude.

The answer is often simple and clear- "remember that things are perfect exactly the way they are."

Now if you want to add another layer of connection to this idea, in Chinese traditional medicine the liver/gallbladder are organs of Wood energy. That's right, I said Wood energy.

So, a fascinating way to alleviate the stress and load related to frustration is to go spend time in the woods. Go touch or hug a tree and allow it to take the anger and frustration from you.

The Japanese call it Shinrin-yoku or Forest bathing.

I know how this sounds. Maybe it's nutty.

Try it.

Perhaps it was intuition that drove me to the forest this weekend but I got to spend some time with my kids in the woods, hug a couple trees and allow my frustrations to be washed away by some magnificent trees.



A good friend asked if it was okay to detox when taking drugs for high blood pressure?

The answer is Yes.

Same for type 2 diabetes.

Detox usually does not have any negative interactions with most drugs. However, one thing to make sure of is to be diligent in taking your blood pressure or blood sugar as symptoms usually improve so you may find that your drugs are MORE effective. You may have to adjust based on this.

CYA statement- ask the doctor who prescribed the drug about how to intelligently adjust your dosage as needed.


Weight loss

Will I lose weight with detox?

Yes. A side benefit of detox is often some weight loss. However, we always tell people that

..."this is NOT a weight loss program."

Weight loss just happens because as your body eliminates toxicity, there is less need for fat cells to hold water or exist to store the toxins in your body. Also, sometimes the reason people plateau in their "weight loss program" is because the toxicity that exists in their body will not allow them to lose more weight as it will super-concentrate the toxins.



What can I do if I get a headache?

Usually many of us will get a dull headache on day 1-2. But they are usually mild and requires no care. However, if you get a migraine or other more significant headache, a couple things have worked:

  1. Magnesium supplement- usually 1-2 tablets will do it.

  2. Increase your water intake- you need a minimum of a full glass of water every time you take your supplements as well as up to 6 more full glasses of water throughout the rest of the day.

  3. Thin the bile- If you have sluggish or thick bile it can lead to headaches. As a simple fix, we like Betafood or AF Betafood as a supplement to help. If you don't have that, you can use beets. Just slice the beets into thin slices and have 4-5 slices .You can use medicinally as a per meal or daily preventative support.



1. Take your supplements.

Week One supplements:

  • SP Cleanse - 7 capsules; 3 times a day

  • GastroFiber- 3 capsules; 3 times a day

  • Continue your regular supplements as directed.

Remember to take each dose with a full glass of water about 20-30 minutes before or after food.

2. Stay hydrated.

  • At least 8 full glasses of water per day.

3. Monitor any health conditions you are taking drugs for and adjust as necessary.

4. Treat any headaches as needed.

  • Magnesium

  • Water

  • (AF) Betafood

  • Beets

5. Don't focus on weight loss. Just enjoy the process and start loving how you feel.

6. Spend time in nature.

  • Forest bathing is a time well spent for your organs, your mental health and to balance Wood energy. ;-)

And last but not least, "remember to express gratitude for the food you are enjoying."

At the end of the day, it's all about the food and those who prepare it.

I am very grateful to my lovely wife, Lisa, who helps prepare all my meals for me.

Let's get started!

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