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Transitioning to week 2/3 of detox

Add meat?

Starting Day 11 of the 21-day Purification Program we add animal protein back into the menu.

For some of you that is welcome news!

For others it has become a question mark... do I really want to add animal protein?


First week in review

Congratulations! to you all for getting through the cleanse portion of the program.

I know some of you suffered headaches, fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms but they all seemed to resolve and things got back to normal.

All of us had some level of frustration with, "What do I eat for dinner?"

I think it's fascinating that we have these habits of eating "easy" food. By that, I mean food that is pre-made or going out to eat without really thinking about what is in the food.

Detox helps us be a little more aware of what we are putting inside our bodies and definitely more aware of how you feel.

The first week of detox was about removing toxins stored in our fat.

I refer to this as our "toxic load."

Toxic load can be thought of as the overall burden of toxins in your body.

Detox helps reduce that burden and theoretically, you no longer need as much fat or water retention to dilute those toxins. (Hence, some of the weight loss).

But now the exciting part of enhancing function happens in week 2 and 3.


Second Stage of Detox

The second part of the program is all about maximizing detox function. The addition of SP Green Food provides the nutrition to better support the five main organs of detox:

  1. Liver

  2. Kidney

  3. Intestines

  4. Lungs

  5. Skin

I refer to this as "Toxic Capacity."

Simply, "toxic capacity" is your bodies ability to naturally process and eliminate the toxins you are exposed to every day. The better your toxic capacity, the more you can handle.

My personal experience has been that many programs do the first part of detox, which is reducing toxic load. But few programs do the all important second part- improving toxic capacity.


To add meat or not?

You have about 3 more days of vegetarianism.

Many of you are excited to add animal protein again. Whether it's:

  • fish

  • beef

  • chicken

  • pork

  • eggs

  • lamb

or any other forms of game meat, you have your pick.

I would recommend the following:

  1. Start with one. You will be surprised how your body feels with each type of protein. So in order to get a clear sense of how your body reacts to the various animal proteins, it's best to do it one at a time.

  2. Small portions. This is not the time for having a super meat party. A healthy portion of animal protein is about 1/3 of your plate. Your plate size should be the size of your hand. I know alot of you are thinking, "WHAT?! My plate is like two times the size of my hand and I eat two servings!" LOL. But that is just too much food.

  3. Start with the easiest to digest. Fish is easiest to digest. Beef is the hardest. The rest sort of fall in the middle. So if you can, keep beef for last.

"Beef is also the most inflammatory food, so to reduce it's natural pro-inflammatory properties, eat with avocado to promote the less inflammatory pathways."

For others, you have found that eating like a vegetarian has been great!

And your question is, "do I really have to add meat back into my diet?"

My answer is No.

Not during this detox program anyway.

However, deciding to become completely vegetarian or vegan is not as simple as just stopping all animal protein.

Our country doesn't do a great job of supplying a variety of complete plant protein options or good fat options so people who decide to go vegan or vegetarian suffer from healthy fat deficiency and protein deficiency.

If you really want to go that route, I would recommend working with an experienced nutritionist that specializes in vegan/vegetarian systems.

Remember, you do not feel or see signs of deficiency for years. So just eating "no meat" for a few months or a couple of years does not give you an accurate picture of how your body is doing.


Keep in touch

Thanks to everyone who is reaching out to me and asking questions and reporting progress. I feel that even the little I have shared in these blog posts are helpful.

This first week of detox has been great for me.

I did have a little fatigue (wanting to take a nap in the middle of the day) and a little brain fog but otherwise I've felt good.

Again I would not have had as easy a time without my wife helping me by preparing all these amazing meals. <3

Important tip: remember that the next two weeks you are taking: 5 SP Green Food TWICE a day, 3 Gastro-fiber 3 times a day!

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