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What can I eat during detox?

No you don't have to just eat salads for 3 weeks.

The most common question we always get is,

'What can I eat?"

Isn't it interesting that people have such a hard time with this?

The first 10 days of detox, we ask that you stick with a primarily vegetarian meal plan.

The reasoning is simple- animal proteins are higher up the food chain so there is greater likelihood for increased toxicity but they also take a lot more effort to digest than simple vegetables and fruits. This allows your digestive system to have a little break during the first week of detox.

However, that does not mean that you have to be eating salads all day long. There are such an amazing variety of foods that can be prepared without the need for animal protein.

(Of course, you can add that animal protein back on day 11 so don't worry!)

I have attached a copy of the recipe book from Standard Process that you can download and try out for yourself. I think you will be happily surprised.

Please share some of your photos or reviews on them.

Maybe you can add your personal flare on them! ;-p

Download PDF • 11.15MB

I am also attaching another copy of the patient guide book for the detox program. If you flip to the back of the guide, there is a list of all the foods that are okay. It is NOT an all-inclusive list. So there are many that you can eat that may not be represented on the list.

The basic rule is:

"you can eat any vegetable, fruit or legume you want." As long as the ratio is 2:1 vegetables to fruit."

Patient-Purification-Program-Guide (1)
Download PDF • 5.10MB

Can I have oat milk?


Any form of milk that does not come from an animal source is fine.

Examples: coconut, oat, soy.

Be mindful of products that say, "Soy milk drink." The "drink" label tells you that it may not be actual soy milk or other form of milk but rather a synthetic version.

Reading the label is critical.

Am I not allowed any spices?

All spices are allowed during detox. What would good cooking be like without spices? lol.

Are there any reasons why someone can't detox?


You cannot detox if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Also, we don't recommend you detox if you are constipated. You must sort out the constipation before starting any form of detox. And no, detox is not the solution for that. ;-)

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